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Easy Integration

The integration plugin for your e-commerce system ensures a quick setup. We can automatically sync your system data with the integration plugins. The integration fetches your data in a safe way that also works as a backup of your order data.


Automation Engine

Send emails or text messages. Create a list of specific orders. Delay a notification - with all kinds of actions. The rule builder is easy to work with and you can set up any flow you like. We provide a simple automation builder. The rest is up to you and your team.


Client Lists

User management across shared views and segments. With the views and segments in admins can share specific orders across users depending on rules. A filtration can be used for showing only a specific segment of orders to a user. And in order to view the needed columns for a certain task performed. Views make you able to see an overview of the content in the order in the overview, while segments define which orders are shown.


User Management

Collaborate, as a team, on bringing the best automations to your employees. Set permissions for your users and allow them to work effectively together. A list of orders or clients that is automatically generated for an employee, can ensure a revolution for the entire company.

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No-code Automation Platform

Simple complete solution for handling orders, customers and automate workflows

Automation Actions for Everything

Multidepartment flow support. Automate business processes and build marketing automation

User-first Development

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Enhanced Business Overview

Role based data access for teams with views and segmentation for orders and clients

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