WooCommerce Order Overview

Enjoy a fast order control with your customised WooCommerce order sorting. Define views with sortable columns and see the orders you need with conditional sorting

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Customise your WooCommerce order overview

Your improved overview for WooCommerce. Letting you see the data and orders you need - including search functionality.

Search in all order data

Fully customised order view

Save your column views

Configure any order segment

Simple onboarding

Handle Orders Much Faster

WooCommerce is built for shopping experience. - Automation.app is made for handling orders and tasks after the order is received. Lightning fast and customisable overviews with any order data in your overview, sorted the way you like it.

Blazing Fast WooCommerce Order Search

Response time that is below 0.07 seconds on any order data searches. Even though you're searching through thousands of orders in Automation.app - and looking in all the data (all order fields), it's the fastest and most reliable WooCommerce order data search you'll experience.

WooCommerce order search
woocommerce order filtration and segmentation with rules

Save your Dynamic Order Lists

The simple segment filtration is built on conditions to generate custom woocommerce order summaries: Rules that allow you to create dynamic, yet saved lists of orders. Simply, define a list of the orders by any specification with "segment conditions". It's gonna give you a 100% custom WooCommerce order overview interface. Filtration and segmentation of orders are possible by any rule. - Allowing you to create unlimited dynamically sorted views of relevant orders.

WooCommerce Custom Order Overview

Easily show the order data columns that you need for your woocommerce order summary. WooCommerce custom order data columns are sortable and also enables overview of order meta data. Share the views across team members - and access a view, with exactly the data you need. In Automation.app your selected order fields are named "Views".

custom view woocommerce order data
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