Tailor E-commerce processes

Automate communication, deliver relevant messages using purchase information, lifecycle stage, and more. Works well for both marketing automation and business process automation.

1. Automate anything you need

Create all kinds of automations - customer emails, internal reminders, synchronisation of data, supplier updates, order tagging or whatever flow you need.

2.Build 100% tailored automations and flows

Trigger automations when something changes or schedule it. Set delays as needed. Conditions limits when the automation happens. With custom automations you can do almost anything.

3. Pick pre-defined automation recipes

Use the pre-built recipes for quickly getting the baseline set for your automations. These best practise recipes include the automation setup and content. They will help you getting started quickly.

4. Templates in your styling for PDF’s & email

Select colors and define your style in the builder. The templates are used for the automation content. The template is for styling, mixed with the content in the automation you can create almost anything.

Process orders, the way you should

Enjoy a fast order control with your customised WooCommerce order sorting. Define views with sortable columns and see the orders you need with conditional sorting

1. Handle orders faster with a customised flow

With Automation.app you’ll be more effective at handling orders. Lightning fast and customisable overviews with any order data in your overview, sorted the way you like it.

2. Fully customised order view - define data columns

Add multiple views to see the data you need for any task. Views let you see the order data you need without the need to access the order page. Allowing you to get a quick overview.

3. Configure order segments and tag orders

Create your own custom filters to show exact lists of orders. - Based on any data. Filters can be made with tags or based on any data, like checkout selects, specific products bought - endless possibilities.

4. Order view page - define which custom fields are shown

Seeing exactly the data you need on your order page. With meta fields you can configure to show order data that is normally not showing. A simple view yet packed with customisable features.

Understand customers

A Simple customisable CRM that can be used to understand your customers. With Complete CRM profiles you can deep dive into specific customer experiences and data.

1. Complete CRM profiles for every customer

Automation.app let’s you explore customer behavior. With individual customer profiles, you can observe patterns in the customer journey - and enable personal communication.

2. All your relevant ecommerce data combined

Tags and segmentation filtering makes you able to understand customers. Dive in to see order data, spending patterns, products and automation activity combined in individual customer profiles.

3. Customer database to access and enable data

Explore the customer sessions and product interactions. Create a better customer journey when seeing the single customers actions in terms of order history, lifetime spend and contact details.

4. Automate Segmentation and tagging

Segment by customer behaviour, geographic, demographic and more. Segmentation by any data - down to single product, revenue, orders, last order, location and use tags for segmentation.

9 more reasons why customers love Automation.app

Multi shop Integration

One backend for all your orders and clients all commerce data in one place

Detailed User Management

Create unlimited users and give them access to specific data based on automated conditions.

Blazing Fast Search

Search data in milliseconds. Fast and reliable ElasticSearch will show orders or clients on the fly.

Client Tracking

Track where customers first entered your site from - you’ll know if they came from Facebook or SEO.

Activity overview

In the activity overview you can follow all processes and automations performed at any time.

Easy Installation

Install the plugin, enable access and use one of the pre-made recipes from our library. Simple & effective.

Safe & Reliable

Cloud hosted, reliable architecture with SSL running on Elastic Search.

Careful Customer Support

Our support strives to increase your bottomline. We deliver customer success, with every support case.

No-code E-commerce Automation

Fast installation using one script and support for dozens of platforms.

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